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I am a life-long advocate, dedicated personally and professionally to being a proponent of positive, impactful change. I strive to do the most good I can for the largest number of people possible, working to support democratic principles and ensuring the protection of rights for all, with an emphasis on under-represented communities and those that need the support the most. Working as an advocate, I have seen just how much change can be made when experts collaborate with local and state officials to make strides in healthcare access, women's rights, child welfare, behavioral health and other fields. My experiences in life and in my career have led me to embark on this next step as a community leader, using the skills I have learned through my various advocacy to continue to fight for increased rights, protections and positive change in the issue areas that are crucial to the community and to the preservation of democracy and democratic principles. My ultimate goal in this endeavor is to be a leader that enacts legislation and takes action that truly makes the towns in AD107 a better place to live, allowing people of all generations, socio-economic levels and varied backgrounds to thrive in their communities and contribute together to a safer, greener, stronger future for us all.


Transparency, accountability and ethical behavior should be a staple in campaigns and any elected officials' tenure. The need for trust in your representative is so apparent and as a candidate, my word is my bond. I want someone to know that if I say I will do something, I will do it. Integrity matters. People have a right to expect their representatives are honest and doing the good work they elected them to do. Part of that trust comes from being transparent. There is a clear level of distrust in government as a society because of a lack of transparency, and I will work to restore that faith in leadership through my campaign and continue once elected. I strongly believe that no one, especially elected officials, are above the law or ethical standards, and I will work to make sure people know exactly where I stand on issues and what they can expect from me as an elected official tasked with representing them in an open, transparent and accountable way.

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