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Elect Chloe Pierce

the Right Woman for

NYS Assembly District 107

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Putting My Advocacy to Work

Chloe Pierce is a passionate, lifelong advocate running as a Democrat to represent District 107 in the New York State Assembly.

For as long as she can remember, Chloe has been volunteering on local campaigns, working in government affairs and advocating for a wide range of issues to make the Capital Region an even better place to not just live but thrive. She strives to do the most good she can for the largest number of people possible, working to ensure the protection of rights for all, with an emphasis on under-represented communities and those that need the support the most.

She has called Albany County home for her entire life and has dedicated her efforts to animal rights, women’s choice and reproductive freedom, combating the climate crisis and improving access to healthcare.

Her experiences in life and her career as an advocate have led her to embark on this next step as a community leader, using the skills she has learned through various advocacy to continue to fight for increased rights, protections and positive change in the issue areas that are crucial to the community and to the preservation of democracy and democratic principles.


Chloe strongly believes that New York best embodies its “Excelsior” motto when we fight to create opportunities for everyone to succeed regardless of background, support our local economies and businesses so they can flourish and push for a safer community and greener environment for future generations.

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